Pink Zombie Rose

Pink Zombie Rose will be published throughout 2022

"Gingerbread House" at Apple in The Dark

"We had Love" in Open Sewers

"Everlasting Love" in 100 Subtexts

"Everyday is Halloween" at No Nothing Magazine

"Monster Mash" -- On The High Literary Journal

"Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos" at 100 Subtexts

"Creature With The Atomic Brain" at 100 Subtexts

"Black Teeth / White Leather" at X by Viridian Door (Pushcart nom)

Heart of December in Fatal Flaw (Pushcart nom)

"Gingerbread House"

Apple In The Dark

Fall 2022

White TeetH / Black Leather

Viridian Door's erotic X -- Desire / Senses Issue

November 2022 / Seattle (Art by Beppi)

"Everlasting Love"

100 Subtexts -- Halloween Issue

October 2022 / UK

"Everyday Is Halloween"

NoNothing Magazine -- Halloween Issue

October 2022

"Monster Mash"

On The High Literary Journal

November 2022

"we had Love"

Open Sewers -- Autumn Issue

October 2002 / Berlin

Black Steel In The Hour of Chaos